System subscription packages 

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$ 180 
  •  Ecommerce Modules 
  •  F inance Modules 
  • Human-Resources Modules 
  • Apps Integration  
  • MRP Modules
  • Customers S ervice Modules
  • Point of Sale Module 
  • SCM Module
  • Quality Module
  • 24 hour technical support
  • Flexibility converting to lifetime using any time
  • Flexibility cancel any time & save your data
  • Infinite users
  • Life-Time useing
  • Implementation included


  •   Ecommerce Modules
  •   Finance Modules
  • Human-Resources Modules
  • Apps Integrati on 
  • MRP Modules
  • Customers Service Modules
  • Point of Sale Module 
  • SCM Module
  • Quality Module
  • Infinite users
  • Life-Time using
  • Impleme ntation included
  • Flexibility cancel any time & save y our data  

Extra Deal


50 online hours of analysis, application and training on all system applications by our specialized implementers

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